Environmental support<br />
We will support improvement<br />
of the environment and cost reduction.<br />

Environmental support
We will support improvement
of the environment and cost reduction.


Three supports

Improving environment

We will support safety and hygiene
by using floor-coating materials.

Cost reduction

Coating window glass will reduce infrared rays
by more than 80%.
It is also effective to save power and reduce CO2.

Improving durability

Simple application will perfectly protect concrete semi-permanently.

Do you have the following problems?
  • The facilities deteriorate, and the maintenance cost is huge. Reduction measures are necessary.
  • The facilities need safety measures, such as anti-slip, antibacterial, sterilization, or deodorization, only without specific measures.
  • The running costs including electricity bills are relatively high. If they can be reduced by 30% to 40%, it will be a great cost reduction.

Safety and security supporting products



Protecting coating films from cracking or peeling over 20 years!

Non-solvent one-part sealing agent with a main component of alkoxysilane compound, a raw material of silicone resin. It thoroughly seals micropores and protects various substrates from deterioration. The thin coating film has more durability and heat resistance than fluororesin and performs rust prevention as high as that of thick anticorrosion coating. Also, various colors are available according to requests.

Recommended for:

Metalworking industry Housing manufacturers Concrete Coating work Stone material manufacturers
Platinum/Premium coat

Platinum/Premium coat

Achieving a safe environment with anti-bacteria and anti-slip properties!

Highly durable floor coating with strong anti-bacterial activities effective against five species of bacteria, the first product in Japan.
Also, it achieves a skid resistance coefficient of 1.25, preventing slips but never causing trips.
After application, polisher cleaning or waxing is unnecessary, so a substantial cost reduction is expected in the floor maintenance management.

Recommended for:

Nurseries and kindergartens Nursing homes Medical institutes Schools
Sunlight Shield C-1000

Sunlight Shield C-1000

Cutting infrared rays by 80%! Reducing power consumption by 18%!

This coating material demonstrates high thermal insulation effect simply by applying to window glass and reduces infrared rays by 80%. It helps reduce air-conditioning costs and contributes to improving the environmental issues of preventing global warming and heat island phenomena by CO2 reduction. It does not spoil the scenery thanks to 80% visible light transmission.

Recommended for:

Companies, public facilities Hospitals, medical institutes Schools Automobile maintenance workshops
Steri Power

Steri Power

Having sterilizing effects about 8 times more than sodium hypochlorite!

It is sterilizing and deodorant water with weak acidity adjusted by adding a small amount of dilute hydrochloric acid to sodium hypochlorite. By increasing the content percentage of sodium hypochlorite with maximum sterilization and keeping weak acidity (pH 6), it has high prevention effects against new influenza viruses or food poisoning bacteria. Also, by inactivating bacteria, a deodorant effect is demonstrated.

Recommended for:

Hospitals, medical institutes Pet shops Nurseries and kindergartens Nursing homes Schools Hotels, inns



Q : How can Permeate prevent deterioration of concrete?
A : Deterioration is caused by invasion of water, chloride, and acid substances into the micropores of concrete. Permeate penetrates into the micropores, hardens, becomes an inorganic polymer, and thoroughly seals them. It releases vapor and prevents water (liquid) and carbon dioxide from penetrating. Permeate is the first impregnating material in the world that can prevent carbonation!
Q : How is Permeate better than other concrete protection materials?
A : Two application methods are available: impregnating and coating and impregnating only. Both application methods are simple (one or two coatings with a brush, roller, or spray), and the material provides semi-permanent protection. The coating film is an inorganic polymer, which causes no chalking or peeling, and is resistant to heat.
Q : Don’t high anti-bacterial effects of Platinum/Premium coating have adverse impacts on health?
A : Regarding formaldehyde, a carcinogen, causing sick-building syndrome, an authorized testing institute has proved zero formaldehyde. Also, the results of the standard testing for toys (coating film) of a food inspection institution show that no poisonous substances, such as cadmium, lead, or arsenic, were detected. Thus, the platinum/premium coat enhances safety by passing many safety tests.
Q : How much does applying Sunlight Shield C-1000 to windows decrease the temperature of rooms?
A : Around 4ºC. (*It varies depending on the structure, walls, and roof of a building.) If the temperature setting of an air conditioner is lowered by 1ºC in summer, the electricity cost could be reduced by 10%. So, the air conditioner expenses could be reduced 18.37% per year.
Q : Is Steri Power really harmless to the human body?
A : The effective component of Steri Power is sodium hypochlorite, which is as safe as the component used for sterilizing tools requiring high safety used in medical institutes or nursing homes. It is naturally decomposed and becomes ordinary water after finishing the roles of sterilization and deodorization. Thus, residual of chlorine or generation of poisonous chlorine gas is extremely low. It is an environmentally friendly sterilizing and deodorant water.
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