Export<br />
We always focus on developing new products<br />
and markets and work toward creating new business.

We always focus on developing new products
and markets and work toward creating new business.


We will support the following companies.

Companies that want to develop
an overseas sales channel

We have exported products to more than 25 countries.

Companies that need export
agency services

We will function as an export department of your company.

Companies that want to avoid risks
involved in overseas transactions

We will take various risks involved in overseas transactions.
(exchange rate, countries, transport, credit, collection)

We will smoothly develop an overseas market and distributors of your products and services for you.

Export materials and products

Alcohol Alcohol

Shuho Alps Masamune/Kinran Kamenoyo

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Food/Beverages Food/Beverages

Matcha, honey, tomato juice,
seasoning, Shimada noodles

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Tableware/Cooking equipment Tableware/Cooking equipment

Iron kettles, earthenware, cooking knives,
Akita cedar boxes

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Miscellaneous goods/Daily use goods Miscellaneous goods/Daily use goods

Scissors, folding paper, beckoning cat,
kokeshi doll, masu container, wrapping cloth,
silk wrapping cloth, Kuretake pens, towels, dissolving toilet tissue, hanging scrolls

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Cosmetics Cosmetics

Hadavege hot cleansing skin care gel for pores and keratotic plugs, supplements

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Fashion Fashion

Wristwatches, accessories, leather belts, kimonos

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Car equipment Car equipment

Car filter

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Interior Interior

Artificial flowers, lumber

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Other Other

Ukai Casters, glucosamine gel with 50 Japanese and Chinese herbs

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Beauty Beauty

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Q : We want export agency services. What shall we do?
A : Please let us know the products, their use, consignees, and export conditions. We may have to contact the consignees if necessary. We will suggest the best transport plan among shipping service, air service, courier service (overseas home delivery service)
Q : How should we pack the exporting products?
A : You can use durable cardboard boxes or must use a drum can. It depends on the regulations of the products and countries.
For example, wooden boxes are regulated in more than 80 countries in the world and may require fumigation.
Although it is not a matter of regulations, products are handled roughly in some countries. So, we suggest pallet loading.
Q : Does Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which I often see in the news, affect the export business?
A : Of course, it affects the export business. For example, if your products are more expensive than the products of a competitive country, the tariff could be cheaper due to FTA, and the consignee may pay less in the end. If we negotiate with the condition of issuing a certificate of origin, we may have advantages when selling the products.
Only for the countries concluding FTA.
Q : We want to export our agricultural products. What should we do?
A : First of all, we have to check where the products were produced, whether the products are not prohibited imports, and whether a certificate is necessary.
Even in Japan, products may be handled differently depending on production areas. Also, even if you export a product to a country, it does not mean you can export the product to another country.
The countries of business partners may suddenly implement the measures of prohibiting import because of the social conditions. Thus, we have to always obtain the latest information.
Q : What risks are involved in the export business?
A : There are five major risks in the export business.
1. Exchange risk, 2. Collection risk, 3. Credit risk, 4. Transport risk, and 5. Country risk
Also, each country has its own business custom. If you entrust your business to us, we will take all the risks.
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