Import business<br />
More than 35 years of trading performance!<br />
We are a specialist in solving problems of purchases and costs by imports.

Import business
More than 35 years of trading performance!
We are a specialist in solving problems of purchases and costs by imports.


Three strengths that no other companies can beat

Speedy response

We provide one-stop solutions from
manufacturing, inspection, and import procedures through to delivery,
so we can respond rapidly.

We can also cope with a small lot order.

We can import a small volume of products since
we keep business relationships with a few countries including China.

Safety and risk management

Quality control is thoroughly conducted by local staff members.
We can secure an alternative import route if a problem occurs!

We can help the following companies.
  • Companies that have issues about a safety and security system and want to strengthen the system, but have no idea about the method or procedures
  • Companies that are considering the development of new products or new menus but have difficulties coming to new ideas or developing new suppliers
  • Companies that are considering purchase cost reduction or reinforcement of the supply system
  • Companies that are anxious about the business customs of an overseas business partner, credit, or exchange risk, and cannot step forward for a new challenge

Import materials and products

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Q : Are case examples or proposals such as recommended food process information available?
A : Of course. If you want to know something, please contact us. For example, we are looking for materials used for XX, or we want to import XX from China, Korea, or Vietnam. Please feel free to ask any questions. We will provide information appropriate for you.
Q : We know nothing about import regulations. Can we import products?
A : Yes, you can. We import and export products from and to the Asian countries of China, Korea, and Vietnam as well as countries in Europe and the USA. If you import food, you have to be careful about many things including import regulations or periodic inspections. If you do not have knowledge about imports, you may lose money such as customs. Please ask us first.
Q : Can we leave everything to you such as manufacturing, inspection, import procedures, and delivery?
A : Of course. Please leave everything to us from finding a factory to delivery. In particular, we have great results in casting products or machine parts. The procedures for import and export are complicated, and some trade agreements are not adopted without following the correct procedures. We can respond to your comments such as “we want to import such and such parts to reduce costs.” We will make a proposal for countries or factories.
Q : Tell us the flow if we want import agency services.
A : If you have already decided the products to import and the country, please let us know the products and uses and the import country. (The same products may be handled differently in the import procedure if usage is different.) We will check basic matters such as whether the products can be traded internationally and give you a reply.
Q : We have no experience in oversea procurement. Are there any risks or problems?
A : Various risks are involved in oversea procurement, such as exchange risks. In international trade, payment is not usually arranged only in Japanese yen. If you pay in dollars or euros, the amount of payment may vary according to exchange rates. Then you cannot make a stable management plan.
Because the settlement with the customer and our company is done in Japan yen, the charge at the time of the contract and the payment does not differ greatly.
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