Export Materials / Product Category List

Import materials and products List

Alcohol Alcohol

Shuho Alps Masamune/Kinran Kamenoyo

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Food/Beverages Food/Beverages

Matcha, honey, tomato juice,
seasoning, Shimada noodles

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Tableware/Cooking equipment Tableware/Cooking equipment

Iron kettles, earthenware, cooking knives,
Akita cedar boxes

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Miscellaneous goods/Daily use goods Miscellaneous goods/Daily use goods

Scissors, folding paper, beckoning cat,
kokeshi doll, masu container, wrapping cloth,
silk wrapping cloth, Kuretake pens, towels, dissolving toilet tissue, hanging scrolls

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Cosmetics Cosmetics

Hadavege hot cleansing skin care gel for pores and keratotic plugs, supplements

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Fashion Fashion

Wristwatches, accessories, leather belts, kimonos

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Car equipment Car equipment

Car filter

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Interior Interior

Artificial flowers, lumber

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Other Other

Ukai Casters, glucosamine gel with 50 Japanese and Chinese herbs

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Beauty Beauty

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