Products handled by SHOWA SHOJIPRODUCT

We solve the problems of your company.

■Various kinds of Japanese products are available through X-BORDER JAPAN

Four businesses of SHOWA SHOJIBUSINESS

Import business

More than 35 years of trading performance!
We are a specialist in solving problems of
purchases and costs by imports.

Export business

We focus on developing new products and markets
and work toward creating new business.
We will trade products with countries in Europe and America
and deploy our global trading business.

Environmental support business

We make a proposal for the environment and
cost reduction of buildings and facilities.
We support improvement of the environment a
nd cost reductions by companies and legal entities.

Travel business

Community based! Showa Travel, a travel
company in Gifu, takes care of company trips
as well as inbound invitations!
We help vitalize your company with travel solutions.

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Our stage is the world. We create a rich and happy world filled with people’s smiles.

Information from SHOWA SHOJINEWS

We are a member of Showa Concrete Industry Group.

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