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5 fingers geta ” GETALS”

“GETALS” is five fingers geta. Geta is Japanese traditional shoes and “GETALS” is made from Japanese cypress from Tono area ( east part of Mino in Gifu prefecture ).

This Tono cypress is special material as the base of geta because it has characteristic aroma and antibacterial action. This geta feels nice because you can spread foot fingers and feel this soft touch tono cypress.

You can enjoy relaxing time spreading foot fingers in your daily lives.



Material Body:Tono cypress,Thong:polyester,Backside of base:Vulcanized rubber,Production:Made in Japan
Size   Heel Width Length ※Corresponding shoe size
23 3.5cm 9.8cm 22.0cm Not more than 23.5㎝
25 3.5cm 10.7cm 24.0cm From 24.0㎝ to 25.5cm
27 3.5cm 11.5cm 26.0cm From26.0cm to 27.5cm
28 3.5cm 12.1cm 27.5cm More than 28.0㎝
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